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"We cannot thank you enough for taking your time to prepare for our big day as well as make this all possible!  You are so much fun to work with and we really appreciate your making our ceremony PERFECT for us!"

             ~Love, Ashley & Vince

"Karen, Thank you so much for marrying us!  The ceremony was absolutely beautiful!" 

                        ~Mary & Bill

“I read thru the entire ceremony. It is truly a blessing to have you marry us. It brought a few tears to my eyes.  Our special day is only 16 days away! We both thank you for all that you've done to make our marriage a blessing.”

             ~ Lori & Edward

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"All we wanted from our wedding day was to be united as one and Karen did this in the most beautiful way we could have imagined.  We are so thankful for her and her words.  She united my best friend and I together as one for the rest of our lives!"

             ~Christine & Kevin